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Weekly Livestream 9:30AM Sundays

1/23/2022 Jamie Cameron   

No Commandment Greater

1/16/2022 Jeff Schei  Mark 12:30-31, John 13:34-35 

Doubtful Obedience?

1/9/2022 James Cameron  Judges 6:17-32 

What Happened to You?

1/2/2022 Jamie Cameron  Judges 6:1-16 

A New Song

12/26/2021 James Cameron  Psalm 96:1-10 

Christmas Eve Service

12/24/2021 Jamie Cameron  Happy Birthday Jesus!! 

Draw the Circle 4

12/12/2021 Jamie Cameron  Joshua 14:6-12, Matthew 2:1-12 

Graduating Senior Messages

8/9/2020 Kristian Anderson & Grace Phennig   

Graduating Senior Messages

8/9/2020 Nathan Bauers   

Dayton Oaks America For Christ

4/1/2020 Matt Siebert  AFC Promotion